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night baby nurse

Newborn Care Concierge

Baby Preperation

Are you a brand new parent?
Are you preparing for 
twins or triplets?
Do you have limited time due to work or family?

We're here to make your preparations for your new arrival(s) as smooth and effortless as possible. These additional services can be added on to our overnight or daytime packages. 

Nursery Assessment

When you have a new baby, your nursery is more than just a room: it's the heart of your home. It's where your baby sleeps, eats, grows, and learns. A professionally organized and stocked nursery allows you to breeze through the necessities and focus on the joy of getting to know your baby.


During a Nursery Audit, your Specialist will provide you with tailored recommendations and organizational help for your nursery space. Let us take the stress out of organizing!

Twin Babies
Baby Clothing

Baby Registry Consultation

What should you put on a baby registry? Strollers, car seats, bassinet's, bottles, sound machines... What baby gear do you actually need? 

Your Registry Consultant will use her insider knowledge to set up your registry in a way that makes sense for your family. She will expertly manage your registry so that you and your loved ones can focus on showering you with love.

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