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Your baby needs sleep, and so do you.
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The go-to newborn care agency for Milwaukee, North Shore, and Waukesha - referred to by not just our happy clients, but also by physicians, midwives, mental health professionals, and more.

About Swaddled

Because it truly does take a village to raise a baby and nurture a family.

The transition into parenthood and life with a new baby (whether it be your first or third) is an adjustment for everyone; having a caring expert by your side allows for a smoother, gentler, and more enjoyable “fourth trimester”. We serve all families with tailored and personalized care to ensure all clients have the support they want and the care they need.

As Milwaukee’s premier newborn care agency, we strive to provide families and babies with the best care. Our certified newborn care specialists (also known as night nurses or night nannies), postpartum doulas, and registered nurses are highly trained professionals that specialize in newborn care, preemies, and twins or multiples. They come to your home, day or night, to bring you rest, respite, and peace of mind. Long gone are the nights of sleep deprivation - our baby nurses will help you get a good night's sleep and offer you the support you deserve. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we employ only the best local professionals, so you can rest well knowing that your little one is in expert hands.

Inclusivity is at the heart of Swaddled Newborn Care. We aim to deliver non-judgmental support to every family; regardless of orientation, race, religion, or identity. Our job is to support your family, no matter how it may look.

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What we do best

Overnight Care

Our certified newborn care specialists (aka night nurses) will help you achieve a restful night’s sleep so that you have more energy to devote to your recovery, family, and work.

Daytime Support

Our postpartum doulas come to your home to assist you with baby care, light housework (laundry, tidying nursery, etc), meal prep, emotional support and so much more.

Sleep Coaching Consultation

During a sleep training consultation, your pediatric sleep consultant will assess your baby's current sleep situation to get them (and you!) sleeping through the night.

Lactation Support

92% of new moms report challenges with breastfeeding within the first week. Research shows that prenatal and postpartum lactation support can significantly improve breastfeeding rates. 

What Families Say

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