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What to Do with Your Newborn All Day

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Welcome to the wonderful world of 'What on Earth Do I Do with this Tiny Human All Day?'. Now that you've got a tiny human to keep entertained all day (and night), you might be wondering what to do with them. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your time with your newborn:

  1. Cuddle and snuggle: This is the perfect time to bond with your baby. Hold your baby close, talk to them, and enjoy some quiet moments together. Remember, your baby is brand new to the world, so they will love feeling close to you.

  2. Play some music: Listening to music can be soothing for both you and your baby. Choose some soft and calming tunes to play in the background, or sing some nursery rhymes to your baby. It's a great way to introduce your little one to different sounds and rhythms.

  3. Babywearing: Use a baby carrier or sling to keep your newborn close while you go about your daily activities. Babywearing allows you to bond with your baby while keeping your hands free for tasks like household chores or running errands.

  4. Go for a walk: Even though your newborn may not be able to walk yet, they can still enjoy a stroll outside in the fresh air. Pop them in a carrier or a stroller and take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. It's a great way to get some exercise and introduce your baby to the world.

  5. Read to your baby: Reading to your baby is a great way to bond and stimulate their developing brain. Choose some board books with bright and colorful illustrations, and read to your baby in a soothing voice.

  6. Tummy time: Tummy time is essential for your baby's development. Place your baby on their stomach for short periods throughout the day, and encourage them to lift their head and push up on their arms. Tummy time can help strengthen your baby's neck muscles, improve their motor skills, and prevent flat spots on the back of their head.

  7. Singing and talking: Newborns love to hear their parent's voice. Talk to your baby throughout the day, sing them songs, and read them stories. This is a great way to stimulate your baby's brain and promote language development.

  8. Skin-to-skin contact: Skin-to-skin contact can help regulate your baby's breathing, heart rate, and temperature, and it's a great way to bond with your little one. Hold your baby against your bare chest and enjoy the warmth and closeness.

  9. Give your baby a massage: Massaging your baby can be a great way to relax them and soothe any fussiness. Use a baby-safe oil or lotion, and gently massage your baby's arms, legs, and back.

  10. Bathtime Bonding: One of the simplest yet most meaningful activities you can share with your newborn is bath time. Not only does it keep them clean, but it also provides an opportunity for gentle interaction and sensory exploration.

  11. Exploring the World: Whether it's a quick run to Target or a leisurely stroll through the aisles of your favorite stores, taking your newborn along can be both practical and enjoyable. Not only does it allow you to accomplish tasks, but it also exposes your little one to new sights, sounds, and experiences, stimulating their curiosity and development. Just be sure to pack the essentials as you navigate the aisles of parenthood.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to interact with your newborn. The most important thing is to spend time with them, get to know them, and enjoy this special time together. So take it easy, have some fun, and the moments with your little one.

Looking for some extra rest at night so that you can enjoy your days with your newborn? Looking for extra support and guidance during the early days with your newborn? Our team of experienced postpartum doulas is here to help! Contact us to learn more about how our services can provide personalized assistance and care for you and your baby.


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