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Overnight Newborn Care

Long gone are the nights of sleep deprivation - our overnight Specialists will lovingly care for your baby while you get the rest you deserve.

Don't know if you could benefit from overnight newborn care? Typical clients include:

Busy professionals with
demanding jobs
Moms with
postpartum depression
Busy households
Families expecting
Moms recovering from birth
Parents who live far from their support system
Anyone who could use a night of uninterrupted, glorious sleep

Sleeping Baby

Overnight Newborn Care

Our most popular service allows you to get the rest you deserve so that you can focus on enjoying your new bundle(s) of joy.


The following are examples of typical overnight Newborn Care Specialist services:


  • Complete care of baby at night, so you can comfortably rest 

  • Initiating a daytime schedule and nighttime routine

  • Establishing healthy sleep patterns to get baby (and you!) sleeping better

  • Providing information, support, and assistance to those who are nursing

  • Keeping the nursery clean and tidy, doing baby laundry, and cleaning bottles and pump parts

Planning on breastfeeding? No problem! Your Specialist will bring baby to you for a quick and comfortable nursing session in bed, or they'll wake you when it's time to feed. Many of our Specialists are also trained in lactation support and would love to assist you with latching, positioning, pumping, and more.  

Our Specialists are highly sought after because of their depth of experience. They are typically booked for 1 to 6 months at a time, working 8-12 hour shifts for 2+ nights/week.


To learn more about what a typical overnight care shift looks like, read our blog post "An Evening With An Overnight Newborn Care Specialist"


From one night of support a week to 7, we have you covered.

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