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Sleep Coaching Consultation

Because when you get the sleep you need, you are able to be the parent you envision yourself being.

Sleeping Like a Baby

Two Week Sleep Consultation Package

Establishing healthy sleep habits will provide your little one with a good sleep foundation and will maximize sleep for the entire family.

During a sleep training consultation, your Pediatric Sleep Consultant will assess your baby's current sleep situation to get them (and you!) sleeping through the night. They will partner with you to create a personalized sleep plan that works with your parenting philosophy and your baby's temperament.

Through this package, you will receive: 

  • A detailed written sleep plan specific to your family

  • Two weeks unlimited text and email support

  • Two 30 minute phone calls


How it works:

1. You will fill out a detailed Family Questionnaire used to design an Individualized Sleep Plan

2. Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant will write up a detailed sleep plan that will give you step by step directions on how to start working towards your sleep goals. This includes directions for bedtime and night-wakings, a solid nighttime routine, daytime schedules, nap strategies, and more

3. You will have the opportunity to go over this plan via a 30 minute phone call and can schedule another 30 minute call at any point during your two weeks. You can also contact Karen at any time via text or email with questions, updates, clarifications, etc.

Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), our sleep coaching consultations do not start until your baby is 12 weeks old.

To learn more about sleep coaching, visit our blog post "How To Get Baby (and you!) Sleeping Better With The Help Of A Certified Sleep Consultant"