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How To Get Baby (and you!) Sleeping Better With The Help Of A Sleep Consultant

Have you heard of the terms “Sleep Consultant” or “Sleep Coach”? Some may be unfamiliar with these terms, just as I was as a new mom. Let’s dive in and clear up that question for you!

A Sleep Consultant/Sleep Coach (these titles are interchangeable) provides support, advice, accountability, and in my case, Individualized Sleep Plans to families in need of better sleep. I look at the child and family, as a whole, to decide what pathway is the best for them. Sleep is not a one size fits all scenario!

Becoming well-rested is about far more than just overnight sleep, it is also dependent on daytime routines, eating habits, and personalities. It is so important to take all of this, plus much more, into account when coming up with a daytime and nighttime plan of action!

Sleep Consultants are kind of sleep geeks. We love all things related to sleep, learning about the science of sleep, reading numerous sleep books and articles, and taking numerous courses related to sleep - we live and breathe sleep. At least I do! And guess what? As a new and tired mama, you likely DO NOT have time for that! There are so many books and articles and groups and pages all about sleep, how are you to know what will work for you? What is accurate? What is most beneficial?

This is exactly why I became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, so parents can turn to me, an expert in sleep, and I can make a plan of action for their family that is simple, effective, and based on research.

In order to become a Certified Sleep Consultant, you must go through a rigorous certification course. In my case, I received my certification through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. This is a very well-rounded course focusing on the fact that there is not ONE sleep training method that needs to be used for every child. Rather there are multiple methods that can be used based on the needs, parenting styles, and desires of a particular child and family. Not only did this course outline useful sleep training methods but it also covered the science of human sleep, safe sleep guidelines, infant and toddler development and how it affects their sleeping patterns, and how to handle certain life circumstances that impact sleep training.

But, what is “sleep training” exactly?

Sleep training simply means supporting your child in learning a new skill without certain habits in place. This skill, which I call independent sleep, will allow your child to fall to sleep at naptime and bedtime, and back to sleep when they wake between sleep cycles overnight, without assistance. Your child’s needs will be met and then they will learn to fall to sleep independently. When sleep training you build comfort and secure attachment by providing a consistent and predictable response.

Sleep training does NOT equal “Cry it out”. I always like to make that very clear! This is just one method, among many, that can be used. I do not use this method.

As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I help children, 12 weeks – 7 years, learn to confidently sleep in their own spaces (bassinet, crib, bed) all night so that they and their parents feel well-rested while maintaining a strong connection.

I help families go from exhausted, frustrated, and feeling overwhelmed to well-rested, confident, and accomplished in just two 2 weeks time!

Does this sound like something that would be useful to your family? If so, I encourage you to learn more about sleep consulting here and book a free Sleep Assessment call where we can discuss your current sleep challenges, the why behind them, what your sleep goals are, and how I can help you meet those goals.

Let’s start working together on getting your family well-rested!

Karen Winter is a mother, daycare provider, sleep consultant, and business owner. Along with being a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant she also has her degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working with children in various settings for over 20 years.

Karen herself went through sleep challenges with her own daughter. She remembers the frequent overnight wakes, the feeding to sleep, the constant rocking and bouncing. However, after lots of research and then becoming certified through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, her passion quickly turned into helping families avoid the sleepless nights, and exhaustion that she went through.

Using her expertise, Karen provides families with advice, support, and behavior modification techniques to help teach their baby the skill of independent sleep. She works together with families to choose a method that best fits their unique circumstances and desires.


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